Painted Energy Messages - «Dissolving the old, allowing the new.»


P A I N T E D . E N E R G Y . M E S S A G E S .

«Dissolving the old, allowing the new.»

Born October 23 - 29, 2017


29 Paintings
 10 Framed Paintings |  19 Mini Energy Paintings


Dear souls

Please find hereby the translations of the Painted Energy Messages with the title «Dissolving the old, allowing the new».  They were born October 23 - 29, 2017.


After almost 3 months of not painting and not translating the energy and the messages from the Universe, I am now back. 

The past months have been intense, but very very busy with working towards creating tools, vessels and structures so that I could surrender even more to this calling of my soul to bring the Universe's messages to the surface by painting and translating them.


This week is now officially my coming-back-with-painting-and-translating   There are still some things to do, but I now finally can paint again - YES!


So here a beautiful edition, with its wonderful title «Dissolving the old, allowing the new». 
And: Compared to the past months the translations have become even more complex. Newly they come in 3 parts:

#1 Title

#2 Story of the Week/Edition
#3 Detailed Color Energy Reading as an extensive translation of the Story of the Week/Edition


Therefore: Enjoy them 💛💜

And let me know in the comment-box down below, if and how they resonated with you  


In the meantime:

Love & blessings from Zürich,





T H E . S T O R Y . O F . T H E . E D I T I O N .

«The old has been dissolved.
Long and harsh the journey has been.
Challenging and sometimes stressful it felt.
But following the steps of our soul's calling, necessary it was.
Necessary it was, in order to open the portal to the new.
Yes, fruitful the result will be.»



 T H E . C O L O R . E N E R G Y . R E A D I N G .
O F . T H E . E D I T I O N .

«Nurture yourself, your soul’s calling it was.

Nurture your life, your soul’s calling it was.

Nurture your soul, your soul’s calling it was.


Long you have been working for it.

Long you have been working at it.

Now established within you, it is.

Now tapped within you, it is.


Firm you are standing on your feet.

Firm you are standing within yourself.

Solid soil within you now.

Fertile soil within you now.


Child, acknowledge yourself for who you have become.

Acknowledge, the solid foundation you have build within you.»


PURPLE @ Painting

«Wild your soul, she is.

Intense your soul, she is.

Deep your soul, she is.


Freed you have her.

Unleashed she is now.

Connected with that fertile soil of yours you now are.


A landscape of your soul, now free is.

A mountain of your soul, now here is.

A river of your soul, now flows.»



 ROSE @ Painting

«A sweet and gentle energy you taste.

A tender side of you feel.

Allowing yourself to be yourself,

the sweet side of you awakens it does.

Allowing yourself to be yourself,

alignment with Source you do.

A sweet and gentle energy you feel.»



YELLOW @ Painting

«Now an opening you have.

Now doors are open.

Now windows are clean.

NOW, the sun can come through.

Let the sun shine on your face.

Let the sun shine on your path.

Let yourself be shined on.

Let life find its own way to yourself.»



 GRASS GREEN @ Painting

«Freshness now possible.

New starts now here.

New doors now opening.

New paths now showing up.

The new now finally can grow –

healthy and steady

A lot you have been working for that.

Allow yourself now, the unknown to be.

Allow yourself now, the unknown to unfold.

Enjoy now new beginnings.

Adventures around the corner.

Juicy your life shall be.

Juicy all shall be.»



 P H O TO . G A L L E R Y .

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    Adetoro (Saturday, 28 October 2017 06:14)

    This energy painting resonated so much for me! thank you for sharing your work with the world and be brave enough to do it.

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