Dear Soulful Lady Entrepreneurs 



My name is Veronica Trombini and I am a Business Energy Consultant and Soul Mentor.

I help Soulful Lady Entrepreneurs optimizing the energy flow in their businesses and lives

by painting and analyzing the energy fields of the important areas of their businesses and lives.



The calling for this group is to offer a platform,
 where Soulful Ladies, who have dared to follow their calling of bringing their gifts into this world by starting/having a own business,

can gather, grow and network.
 for Soulful Ladies, who love and live creativity, art, spirituality, personal grow and inspiration and

who know there is more in this world as what we see with our eyes
 for Soulful Ladies, who want to be successful and make more than enough money with their soulful business

- cause their purpose is to change the world.


The journey of entrepreneurship and especially the journey of a soulful lady entrepreneur is very often tough and challenging.

That's part of being an entrepreneur. That's part of the game and most of the time it's ok.


BUT: As courageous business women we are soo focused on our businesses, that we rarely also involve all the other aspects of life like relationship, love, sex, our other dreams, travel and money.



 Let's gather, rest, ask, share, think, dream, feel, laugh, cry, learn, grow, expand, pray, heal AND network all together.

 Let's give our most precious asset – our soulfulness - a place to NOURISH, GROW AND NETWORK.

 Let's create a life full of magic, laughter, love and success.

 Let's live the ART OF LIFE.


As MONEY is one of the most important topics being an entrepreneur, but soo many of us, have still to heal so much around money,

I am ALSO making the topic «MONEY» as a major topic of this Network-Group.

It's time that we women unleash our money goddesses within ourselves

and become absolutely financial abundant AND free.



If this resonates with you, you are invited to join  
Just check before joining the GROUP GUIDELINES down below.

Looking forward to meeting you here 


In the meantime:
Love & blessings from Zürich,
Veronica Trombini