Veronica Trombini.

Soulful Lady Entrepreneur.

Warrior. High Priestess. Dancer.

Art Therapist. Artist. Healer.

Energy Translator. Soul Mentor. Energy Consultant.


39 years of INTENSE personal development, growth + healing.

22 years of violence, torture, abuse + slavery by her family.

20 years of working as an employee in Business Administration.

16 years of abusive relationships.


5 years of INTENSE education in the fields of

Art Therapy, Psychotherapy, Psychology,

Anatomy, Body Therapy, Spirituality, Mediumship,

Personal Development, Coaching, Marketing, Business Strategies, 

Finances, Investments, Real Estate, Passive Income Streams,

Network-Marketing, Networking, Online-Business, Marketing, Pricing,

Social Media, Online-Shop, Webdesign, Design, Copy Writing, Photography,

Art, Dance, Creative Process, Performance, Video.


3 years of INTENSE soulful lady entrepreneur journey.


My journey.

In 2014 I reported two bosses because of sexual harassment and bullying and months later the company laid me off.

But before they tried to kick me out without salary and my certificate of employment, right after I had reported those two persons.

I had to take a lawyer and fight for months for my rights.

Cause, those two guys were members of the management board of one of the biggest Swiss companies,

and the company decided to put a lot of make-up on those happenings, instead of truly cleaning up.


After months of fighting, I still was laid off, but at least I had my certificate of employment and some money in my pocket.

Disgusting story. But also the beginning of this journey called entrepreneurship.

CAUSE: Same summer where they tried to kick me out first - 2014 - I was given the gift of painting and making energy visible.

One morning - after praying for help and guidance - I woke up, hearing a voice saying: Paint!


At that time I was in education to become an Dance & Movement Therapist [Art Therapy] and Massage Therapist and so, after being laid off, I opened a small practice in community practice, offering Dance & Movement Therapy and Massages. After working around one year like that, I felt that my calling wasn't there - at least not in the way they had taught us at school.


After many, many months of struggles, fears, doubts and existential challenges and studying a lot entrepreneurship,

I realized, I wasn't meant to do something that other people are already doing. That understanding was on one side, very freeing but also challenging. 

There is no other person in the world, who is not only able to make energy fields visible by painting them, but also to translate them. 

I am a vibrational translator - an energy translator.

And my tools are colors, paint, canvas, paint knives and words.


Today I am an Business Energy Consultant and Soul Mentor

and I help Soulful Lady Entrepreneurs to optimizing the energy flow in their businesses and lives by painting and analyzing their energy fields.

So those disgusting bosses and that coward big Swiss company where actually one of the biggest blessings:
Pushing me so hard to the edge, that I was forced to bring to the surface, what I was meant to do.


Being unique.
Making energy visible.

Translating energy.

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