Veronica Trombini.
Soulful Lady Entrepreneur.
Warrior. High Priestess. Dancer.
Art Therapist. Artist. Healer. Medium. Oracle.
Soul Mentor.
With the Midas Touch of Transformation.



Veronica Trombini.
38 years on this Planet.

22 years of violence, torture, abuse + slavery.
20 years of working as an employee in Business Administration.

16 years of abusive relationships.
38 years of INTENSE personal development, growth + healing.

5 years of INTENSE education in the fields of
Art Therapy, Psychotherapy, Psychology, Anatomy, Body Therapy,
Spirituality, Mediumship, 
Personal Development, Coaching, Marketing, Business Strategies,

Finances, Investments, Real Estate, Passive Income Streams,
Network-Marketing, Networking, Online-Business, Marketing, 
Pricing, Social Media,
Online-Shop, Webdesign, Design, Copy Writing, Photography, 
Art, Dance, Creative Process, Performance, Video.


3 years of INTENSE soulful lady entrepreneur journey.

6 months of INTENSE business revamping.
3 months of INTENSE birth-giving-processes.
1 month of INTENSE transition into my new life. 

Yep, 38 years of INTENSE personal development, growth + healing.
And now ready to do what I have been called to do.

That's me.
Veronica Trombini.

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